Q: I just ran a race! Where are my photos?
A:  Either click on the "Event Galleries" tab on this website, or go to: www.impact-foto.photoshelter.com

Q: When will the pictures be online?
A:  Typically, the images will be available on the Monday one week after the weekend of your event, approximately 7-8 days from your event. 

Q: I just purchased a photo but now that I've downloaded it, I realized it's actually not me. What can I do now? 
A:  Just email us and tell us about it! We'll take a look at it and replace it with a photo that is actually of you. But if we can't find one that you like, we'll refund you. 

Q:  Why does it take so long to get them online?
A:  Between our 4-5 photographers we usually take anywhere between 15,000-35,000 images at the events.  It takes quite some time to manually sort, upload and tag them with your race numbers so you can find them later.  Thank you for your patience!

Q:  How do I find my pictures?
A:  Find the gallery for the event you attended.  Click on the image and then click on the first gallery within that has all the images in it.  Now in the top right corner you will see a “search” field, and a big blue bubble with instructions...enter your race bib number from your shirt and click “Enter” on your keyboard.  This will bring up all the images we were able to see your number in.  If you don’t know your number, try contacting the folks for the event you ran and perhaps they can help, or check for an email or something from when you registered.  Unfortunately we don’t have any of that information.

Q:  What if there are no images with my number?
A:  If we cannot see your number in any of the pictures taken of you, we will not be able to tag it with your number and therefore it will not come up in a search.  If that’s the case, you will need to look in the Lost and Found and other folders to try to find yourself.  You can ask us for help, as with some extra information like day, time of day, what you were wearing, who you were with, all help us narrow it down and we may be able to assist you. 

Q: How do I use my coupon code to get my picture(s)?
A:  Once you’ve found a picture(s) you want to get, click the Buy Image link above and to the right of the Picture.  This will add it to the cart.  You can now go the cart and complete the checkout.  During checkout enter your coupon code and it will reduce the amount to zero.  It will still ask you for a credit card even though it says there is nothing due.  You can enter a card number or just make one up like (1111 2222 3333 4444) and it will work too.  You will then get an email shortly with a link to download your image if you chose a digital download.  If you have multiple discount coupons – unfortunately you can only checkout with one coupon code at a time, so enter one code for one image you want to discount and then repeat the process for each coupon code you have.  It’s the only way – sorry, it’s a requirement of the shopping cart.